Ruger LCP, 380acp, Stainless
List Price: $429.00
Our Price: $375.00
Kimber Crimson custom carry 2 1911, 5", 45acp
List Price: $1,206.00
Our Price: $1,075.00
K mart 151, 20ga, 28"
Our Price: $160.00
Sig Sauer P938 Blackwood, 9mm
List Price: $819.00
Our Price: $650.00
Glock 27 Gen 4, 40S&W, 3.47"
List Price: $649.00
Our Price: $575.00
Mossberg 500 410, 24"
Our Price: $325.00

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Browning X-Bolt Hunter, .22-250rem, 22"

List Price: $899.00
Our Price: $779.00
Sale Price: $705.00
Savings: $194.00
When the need calls for a hard-working, rugged and accurate high-powered rifle, the Browning X-Bolt Hunter is the only choice. Its low-luster finish on the solid steel receiver, barrel and Walnut prevents glare and reflection. It has the complete X-Bolt package: crisp Feather Trigger with no take-up or creep, preferred by experienced hunters, a center-fed Rotary magazine, X-Lock System and a soft Inflex recoil pad — every feature combines to make this X-Bolt rifle ideal for hunting deer and elk to varmints. View the Gunbroker auction